New to Freelancing and Looking for Great Direction?

New to Freelancing and Need Great Tips?

New to Freelancing and Need Great Tips to Succeed?

then Listen Closely…

Because in this post we outline 3 Top Tips for New Freelancers that will Turn You from a….

New Freelancer to a Highly Skilled Freelancer

New Freelancer to a Highly Talented Freelancer

New Freelancer to a Highly Trained Freelancer

But Ultimately Turn You from a...

New Freelancer to a Highly Successful Freelancer!!

Without further hesitation here is Top Tip Number 1 for New Freelancer Success!

1) Communication: Nothing is More Important!

top tips for aussie freelancers - great communication

All Super-Experienced - Super-Skilled – Super Talented and Ultimately Super Successful Freelancers have one single thing in common: They are all Great Communicators!

Communication is not as hard as it seems! Most of us do it day in day out with our family and loves ones, our work colleagues and even friends – essentially you need to take those precious “Communication Skills” you already have and translate them into the Freelancing World in totally a “Professional Sense.”

Communication Rule #1: Always Update Within 24 Hours

We are all humans and one thing humans appreciate in life is certainty!Therefore, Clients (as humans) appreciate certainty too.  They totally want to be assured that their important project is tracking on time, on budget and will be delivered optimally with the right results.

Whatever the Reason:  Whether it be your dog died, your partner is sick, you are sick or you just cannot possibly complete the project on time – always ensure you are constantly updating your Client (within 24 hours) to ensure they totally know what is going on!

Updates (within 24 hours) Also Include Progress Updates:  With something simple like “Hi John, everything is good from my end and we are tracking on time at the moment with your project. Thanks, John” 

Sound simple?  You would be amazed how many people do not do something so simple as this and just leave their Valuable Client hanging – to hope for the best and wonder for the best!

Communication Rule #2: Clear and Concise Communication is Key

Communication every 24 hours with your respected Client does not have to be a long-winded drawn out process and as hard as it seems! Keep all your Communication Clear and Concise.Avoid long-winded responses, updates and questions unless absolutely necessary – remembering your Client is very busy and paying you to get the job done on-time, within-budget and with the very-best-results.

As a Rule of Thumb:  Less is More with Your Updates!  Try to keep your Clients updates to a maximum of just one every 24 hours unless absolutely necessary.

Totally Focus on the Big Picture:  Like additional information you need from the Client, important questions and anything else “big-picture” stopping your right now (at this moment) from getting to the end point – successful delivery of Your Client’s project.

Be Straight to the Point: That’s essentially what Clear and Concise Communication is all about!

Communication Rule #3: Personalisation Builds Solid Client Repour

Start by always addressing the Client by name!  Sound simple??  You would be surprised by how many Freelancers do not do this! Why is Addressing the Client by Name and Such Personalisation Super Important?  Because “Communication Personalisation” is 101 to building solid repour and a great relationship with your Client.

Never set out to best friends with your Client (as this is totally professional) but by the same token by keeping things friendly and personal – you go a very long way to keeping your Client happy - not only now but in the future – when they potentially come back to you with even more work!Personalisation in all your Client updates is something that literally takes seconds to do but again you would be totally surprised by how many of your freelancing competitors fail to do this.

Personalisation goes beyond calling the Client by name:  You also need to totally personalise your services to the total needs of the Client – but that is the topic for another day and blog post (so please stay tuned for that).

Jump on the “Communication Personalisation” bandwagon and get ready to succeed!

Next up (in Top Tip #2) Let’s Talk Attitude: Because it Counts Big-Time to Your Long-Term Freelancing Success!

2) Attitude: The Winning Attitude is Everything!

top tips for aussie freelancers - winning attitude

The Winning Attitude! Now we are going to come right out and say it:  Most Freelancers either Have the “Winning Attitude” or they do Not Have the Winning Attitude! It’s as plain and simple as that!

Can you acquire a “Winning Attitude” over-time – yes you most certainly can!  But the key to maintaining a 100% Winning Attitude is Consistency.

You simply cannot show up to Freelancing one day with a poor attitude and a winning attitude the next – where is the logic in that??

365 days of the year (or however many days you do freelancing work over the year) you need to implement “The Winning Attitude” throughout your entire freelancing day from a to z!

What is the Key Ingredients in The Winning Attitude??

Key Ingredient Number 1: Show up Consistently Each and Every Day

Because guess what?? 80 to 90% of success is showing up consistency each and every day – ready to do freelancing work! When you show up consistently you are a chance just like your freelancing competitors – and when you are a chance – you have the opportunity to seize and act upon that chance!

Create routine in your life and totally treat this like a job!  Working all day and night may sound realistic in the beginning but is it really possible to do right throughout your freelancing career? As you grow older?  As you raise a family?  Please take into account all those factors.

Finally, showing up consistently is not just about sitting behind your computer every day at the same time and working away – it’s also importantly about showing up for your Client consistently no matter how many problems they have!


Because remember no matter how many problems a Client is having there are always solutions out there and most importantly people / resources that can help you totally satisfy your Client and potentially secure future work with them.

Key Ingredient Number 2: Build Serious Resilience 

Some freelancers tend to be naturally more Resilient than other freelancers – these are the facts. Just like people from all walks of life – when problems arise – you seem some people ducking for cover and others wanting to find the best possible solution straight away!

Which one are you? The Best News??  Resilience is a trait that can be acquired over a period of time and ingrained into your brain – and when we say ingrained it becomes the “default” to you because it leads to freelancing success and therefore you know to be resilient!

Being Resilient in Plain English:  Means being able to overcome adversity!

When times are good – everything is going well – you are making a lot of money – it’s easy to be happy right? But what about when times are tough – you have a lot of obstacles and problems to overcome – money is tight – it’s not so easy to be happy right?

Building high levels of resilience is all about being able to cope when both times are good and bad in order to achieve the best possible freelancing success! From the biggest picture it is always best to remember (in terms of coping and resilience) that you work to live and not the other way around!

Also stay tuned for a future content post where we will talk about specific resilience strategies that can greatly assist you as a freelancer.

Key Ingredient Number 3: Be Super Competitive!

Hey – we are certainly not saying to treat this like a do or die match in the football world cup final for example!

But here’s the deal:  Freelancing is a super-competitive space and in order to win long-term you need to out-shine, out-last and ultimately out-think most of your competitors!

You Will Never Ever Beat Every Competitor: But by being super-competitive “naturally” you will be far more likely to go the extra mile require to beat your competitors and ultimately succeed!

Without Competition You Will Never Succeed! Every industry and marketplace has competition – and that is totally a good sign! 

Therefore, never ever be afraid of your competition because if you truly believe you are doing what you are best at and “specialising” (in that area) then you will be far more likely to succeed.

That Leads on to our “Final” Top Tip #3 Specialisation: Because it is Super Important to your  Long-Term Freelancing Success!

3) Specialisation Leads to Longer-Term Success

Specialise, Specialise and Specialise!

We said it 3 times to totally reinforce our point of exactly how Important “Specialisation” is for Total Success throughout your Freelancing Career!

Gone are the days where you can be a bit and bobs guy/girl and do a bit of everything – because Clients in the Freelancing World are Looking for Solutions to their Real-World Problems with Specialists to get the very best possible result!

The Best News?? Specialist Freelancers make far more money too and go much further in their freelancing careers then generalists!

Generalists often start out thinking they “can take on any kind of job” just to bring the cash-flow in and then they will eventually specialise in one area.  

Well Guess what?? It never turns out to be that way (most of the time) because you (as a freelancer) are constantly chasing your tail and when Clients see your Reviews, they tend to either class you as a “Specialist” or Generalist!

Therefore – it is Critical that you (as a freelancer) totally understand your best skills, your best attributes and your very best offerings when you start out as a freelancer.

Spend a bit of time constructing a general roadmap – even if it takes you a couple of weekends.  Write down (on your roadmap) all your very best skills, attributes and what you have to offer now – before ultimately deciding what you want to specialise in and exactly how you will get there!

Speak to independent people and even those closest and dearest for objective feedback as to what exactly they think you are best at.  The answers may not seem obvious and transparent at first – and this is totally where you need to dig a little deeper.

For instance your closest friend may tell you straight out you are super-honest, super-reliable and a super-communicator.  It is then your job to apply these qualities to what you feel you are best at – in Plain English your best skills!

“Specialisation” may be our third and final Top Tip for New Freelancers but it is definitely not the least important!Because mark our words (as we said earlier): Freelancers who “Specialise” in one area make more money long-term, develop more skills long-term and ultimately have more freelancing success long-term.

REMEMBER:  Specialise – Specialise – Specialise – and WIN!!


✔ Nothing More Important than “Great Communication” to Success.

✔ "Winning Attitude" Means Absolutely Everything to Success.

✔ "Specialisation" Leads to Longer Term Success.

That Wraps Up our Post on the Top 3 Tips for New Freelancers: Ultimate Success Guide. We sincerely hope you got serious value out of this post and enjoyed it!


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