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Freelancing vs. a Job: There are More Differences than You Think!

Tossing up Between Freelancing and a Job?

Tossing up Between Freelancing and a Job and Need to Know the Key Differences?

Tossing up Between Freelancing and a Job and Need to Know the Key Differences from a Big Picture?

Then listen closely...

Because in this post we outline to you 3 Definitive Key Differences Between Freelancing and a Job.

Because Ultimately…

Freelancing is about more than just “Freedom”

Freelancing is about more than just “Independence”

Freelancing is about more than just “Autonomy”

And Ultimately…

Jobs provide more than just “Structure”

Jobs provide more than just “Safety”

Jobs provide more than just “Security”

Let’s get right into it and without further hesitation here is Definitive Key Difference Number 1 between Freelancing and a Job.

1) Freelancing is More About the“Big Picture” and A Job is More About “Getting it Done.”

less big picture thinking leads to less successful projects

The “Big Picture” is Even More so Applicable to Freelancing

Stop. Wait. Think. Yes, we already 100% know and can read you mind! Seeing the “Big Picture” is 100% Applicable not only to both “Freelancing” and “Jobs” but all aspects of life.

But, Let’s face it!  In a job (and yes, we are generalising here but need to) you often rock up and all the tasks, duties and your role for the day is presented to you on a platter!

Again this is not always the case (as 100% varies from job to job) but your job (more often than not) is to simply get on with the tasks that have been piled on your desk – and super-fast – and without any ifs, but’s or maybes!

Now let’s compare this with freelancing…Because how about thinking the total opposite! You can totally pick and choose your tasks (and ultimately job role) on a day-to-day basis from the very moment you hop out of bed and switch on your computer.

You have total “autonomy” but ultimately the responsibility is all “yours” in regards to what tasks, duties and job role/s you perform throughout the day.Yes, we know!  You do need to specialise in what you are best at as a freelancer (and we talk about this in definitive difference number 2 – up next).

Now back to a job briefly. Because the reality is you will also need to focus on the “Big Picture” in your role too because…You are (often) presented with so many jobs (tasks, duties or whatever) daily that it is simply impossible to get them all done without prioritising them accordingly to the big picture! We get that – The Big Picture is critical for job goers too.

But as a Freelancer nothing is more critical than “Big Picture” thinking!You have to get up each day out of bed, switch on your computer and make it happen with super-initiative otherwise absolutely nothing will get done.But freelancers (unlike job goers) are not presented with roughly the same pay cheque at the end of each week (fortnight, month or whatever it is).

Freelancers who decide to aimlessly go through the motions… Freelancers who decide aimlessly to choose the wrong jobs… Freelancers who decide aimlessly to choose the wrong priorities…Will suffer significantly in terms of the ultimate dollars that hit their bank account! Because as a freelancer it is your responsibility not only to make “jobs happen” but make the “right type of jobs happen.”

And How Does All This Happen?? Through Big Picture Thinking of Course

We all know there are many jobs out there where “Big Picture Thinking” is critical but the fact of the matter is it is far less critical (overall) to not be a “Big Picture Thinker” than to be one.

As a freelancer if you do not incorporate “Big Picture Thinking” into your daily work routine, rituals and way of life – then...

As a Freelancer You Are Destined to Fail Before You Begin

Note: If you are interested in increasing your income as a freelancer right now (from a big picture) point of view then be sure to check out 5 great tips from Lifehacker right here.

Next Up Let’s Talk Specialisation: Definitive Difference Number 2 between Freelancing and a Job.

2) Freelancing is More About “Specialisation” and a Job is More About “Doing All Tasks”

Australian Freelancers True Specialists

“Specialisation” is Even More Key to Freelancing than a Job

To Specialise or not to Specialise in 2019??

Winners (and we are talking both freelancing and jobs here) 100% know that “specialisation” is not only key to winning but:

  • Landing more job / freelancing opportunities
  • Progressing further in their job / freelancing career, and of course
  • Ultimately making more money throughout one’s working life.

We all know job specialists like:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Surgeons, and
  • Orthodontists

Make more money than the average Joe Blow in their ordinary day job (read more about the top 50 highest paying jobs for men and women here, according to the Australian Financial Review here).

But the fact of the matter is that in “jobs” you can still make decent coin (in 2019) by not 100% specialising and ultimately being a Jack of all trades and master of none. reports that there are a number of high-paying jobs for generalists (in 2019) and these include:

  • Real estate jobs
  • Management jobs
  • Business and Finance jobs
  • Sales jobs, and
  • Communication Jobs.

You can read the high-paying jobs for generalists article here.

But what about freelancing?

Can you still make decent $$$ in freelancing by being a jack of all trades and being a master of none??Well the fact of the matter is that being a “jack of all trades” you can have a lot of success in: - The beginning, and - The mid-term.

But Stop. Wait. Think.

Because (as a job goer or a Freelancer) we are totally in this for the long-term right?? The pattern or trend as a “jack of all trades” is often like this… You pick up a lot of “small” (and lowly) paid jobs in the beginning just to build your profile as you really believe that will help you in the long-term.

Then all of a sudden you have completed a number of “small” (and lowly) paid jobs meaning you have built your profile and now employers from everywhere (and we mean everywhere) are reaching out to you to complete their “small jobs” for them.

But are you starting to see a problem arising?Are you starting to see a pattern and trend emerging in your profile??Because by building your profile as a “generalist” (i.e. jack of all trades and master of none) that is exactly how all your current and future employers are perceiving you now!

In Plain English:  Your employer/s are perceiving you as the total solution to their “small” (and often crummy) problems rather than their “big problems” that pay you much more. What is the Solution then to this Problem as a Freelancer??

The Solution is Simple!!

As a Freelancer you must absolutely 100% specialise from the get-go otherwise you are destined to fail and you will not only fail but miserably in terms of:·   

  • Landing fewer freelancing opportunities long-term
  • Not Progressing further in your freelancing career, and ultimately
  • Making far less money in the long-term!

Because mark our words (in 2019), as we mentioned earlier, you can still succeed in a job as a “generalist” (by doing all tasks) although of course we still 100% recommend specialising!


As a Freelancer you will 100% fail and 100% fail miserably long-term if you do not choose to specialise.


Because Employers these days only want specialists for their medium and larger size projects because:

  •  It is less of a time investment on their part (in terms of training)
  • It is less of risk on their part (far more likely to know what they are getting), and
  • Employers know they are far more likely to get the Best Results (they are after for their project).

Therefore: Specialise as a Freelancer or Perish!! That wraps up Definitive Difference Number 2 between Freelancing and a Job.

Finally, Let’s Talk Initiative: Definitive Difference Number 3 between Freelancing and a Job.

3) Freelancing is More About “Initiative” and a Job is More About “Executing Set Tasks”

freelancing about initiative

It is True…Freelancing Requires Even More Get up and Go than a Job!

It’s 7am and the alarm is piercing in both your ears, you hit the snooze button, roll over and get another 10 minutes shut eye…

You finally get up out at bed at 7:10am and jump straight in the shower before heading for a quick coffee and breakfast before getting ready for work.What does this routine sound like to you in Plain English?

This is simply the routine of showing “initiative” in terms of being mentally and physical prepared for a day in your day-job! Now how does this “preparation” compare with the “daily preparation” of a freelancer??

Well it could go something like this…You Sleep in till 11am because you worked super-hard and super-late the night before (you were actually up till 3am in the morning working on a project!)

You get up but realise you are still too tired and go back to bed for another hour of sleep…And then you get up at Midday and before you know it half the working day is effectively already gone!Or it could go something like this…

You are awoken by your daily alarm chime at 7am… You are fresh and raring to go because you got a great night’s sleep and get straight up and jump in the shower before a quick breakfast.

At 8am you switch on your laptop (from your home office) go through your daily preparations in terms of:

  • Catching up on all messages while you were sleeping
  • Preparing yourself for the day’s workload ahead, and
  • Ultimately getting started and working right through the day until…

6pm your Local Time.

Now, Can You See a Big Difference in Not only The Job vs. Freelancing Mentality but Specifically the “Initiative” Mentality??

With a job (in terms of “initiative”) you are essentially driven by “daily routine” and (when you have been doing this routine for years, years and years) it becomes (eventually) as automatic as blinking to you!

Being a freelancer can mean one of many things essentially:

  • It can mean working all day and night with little sleep
  • It can mean working irregular schedules
  • It can mean “freedom” and working when, how and where you want.
  • It can mean working to a set schedule and being totally disciplined about freelancing short, mid and long-term.

Can you guess which type of Freelancer has the most success long-term out of these 4 options??

Well if you guessed anything apart from Number 4 then you are way off the mark! Because Freelancing requires super initiative 365° right throughout the entire process a to z! And we 100% are not saying you don’t need “initiative” in jobs because you need plenty!

But…If you do not show super-initiative in freelancing from start to finish then you are 100% destined to fail long-term!Sure, you may have success by working irregular schedules (with little sleep) but long-term it will catch up with you on an important project!

  • Preparation Initiative
  • During (work) Initiative, and
  • After (w0rk) Initiative

Are all 100% key to succeeding in freelancing long-term.Essentially in Plain English:

  • In a Job your “Initiative” eventually becomes automatic because you are so used to the job routine after years, years and years of it
  • In Freelancing your “Initiative” must constantly be there, be worked on and further developed otherwise freelancing success will never happen long-term!

Helpful Advice: Here are 7 Habits to Schedule into Your Freelancing Schedule as reported by Invoice Ninja. That wraps up Definitive Difference Number 3 between Freelancing and a Job.Let’s wrap this post up!


✔ Freelancing is More about the “Big Picture” and a Job is More About “Getting it Done.”

✔ Freelancing is More about “Specialisation” and a Job is More About “Doing All Tasks.”

✔ Freelancing is More about “Initiative” and a Job is More About “Executing Set Tasks.”

That Concludes our Post on Freelancing vs. A Job: Ultimate Guide.   We hope you got serious value out of this post and enjoyed it!


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