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Confused by Which Freelancer to Hire?

Confused by which Type of Freelancer to Hire?

Confused by which Nationality of Freelance to Hire?

then Listen Closely…

Because in this post we outline to you 5 Definitive Reasons Why Australian Freelancers are the Best!

Aussie Freelancers are Highly Skilled

Aussie Freelancers are Highly Talented

Aussie Freelancers are Highly Trained

But Ultimately...

Aussie Freelancers are Truly Experts in Their Field!!

Without further hesitation here is Definitive Reason Number 1 as to Why Australian Freelancers are the Best and Why You Must Hire One Today!

1) Always Trust an Aussie Freelancer!

always trust an australian freelancer

From reliance to sincerity to competence to credence to assurance to commitment to integrity: these are all “Key Qualities” of Trust. Ultimately without Trust in a third party (namely a freelancer) your critical business task will always be destined to fail and miserably!

Luckily for you (your search for a freelancer may be over) as Australian Freelancers have a Worldwide Reputation of not only being a “Laid Back” and “Friendly” Country but also a Country that can be Sincerely Trustedto execute and get results for any Critical Business Task.

According to the Most Reputable Country Rankings 2018: Australia has the sixth best reputation (and trust is a big part of that) of any Country in the World. It should be noted that Australia’s sixth placed reputation rating is largely based on intangible (perceptions of the country namely) data rather than tangible (like GDP for example) data.

Needless to say a sixth placed Worldwide reputation is very significant!   In fact, it’s something as a Client that should give you great peace of mind when considering the merits of an Australian Freelancer in your talent pool.

Because with trust comes respect.  With respect comes autonomy. And ultimately with autonomy comes powerful results for growing your business brand.

Australian Freelancers (as a whole) are therefore respectful, courteous, polite, self-assured, dependable, highly committed and have the highest levels of integrity to getting jobs done right the first time!

“Trust” is quality that no amount of money in the entire World can buy:

Therefore why not consider an Aussie for Your Critical Business Project today?Aussie Freelancers Have “Trust” in Spades!

Now Let’s Talk Skills: Definitive Reason Number 2 as to Why Australian Freelancers are the Best and Why You Must Hire One Today!

2) Aussie Freelancers are Highly Skilled!

australian freelancers are highly skilled

From Professional to Creative Skills: Aussie Freelancers have it all! You Need a job done right and within your budget…right?? In order to do that you have generally two options...

Option 1: Cheap Out and Hire the Cheapest Freelancer

Pursue this option at your own risk is what we say! Because if you “Cheap Out” you are only seriously putting the results of your entire project at Risk.

Option 2: Hire a Seriously Skilled Freelancer

The much better option (even though sometimes it will cost you more) that will give your entire project much better results!

The Best News?

Freelancing in Australia in recent years has surged dramatically, as more and more people are looking to leave the restrictions of the workplace in favour of greater flexibility and autonomy. Technology is playing a huge part in this too!

The Result?

More Australian workers are constantly entering the Freelancing Marketplace which is great news for your business.

All of This Means:

A greater variety of professional and creative Aussie Freelancing Skills for your business to choose from.

Why Australia Benchmark Report 2019 highlights Australia’s world-class scientific and academic institutions, Australia’s strong commitment to research / development and the resourcefulness of Australia’s highly educated, multicultural and multilingual workforce.

Australia’s workforce is also highly diverse, and this appears to stimulate trade and transnational investment.  Over 30 percent of Australia’s 12.6 million-strong employed persons were born overseas. 

Today, almost 3.2 million (one in seven) Australians speak an Asian language. More than 900,000 Australians speak a Chinese language and 800,000 speak a South Asian language. In addition, approximately 1.4 million Australians speak a European language other than English.

In Plain English: This means Australian businesses can access an exceptional breadth of language skills and cultural insights, endowing Australia with a competitive edge in global markets.

Next Let’s Talk Innovation: Definitive Reason Number 3 as to Why Australian Freelancers are the Best and Why You Must Hire One Today!

3) Aussie Freelancers are Highly Innovative!

australian freelancers are highly innovative

From inspiration to creativity to analysis to technology to development to teamwork and ultimately to results for your critical business project…

Aussie Freelancers are Highly Innovative!

The Why Australia Benchmark Report 2019 clearly shows innovation (along with skills – definitive reason number 2) is what powers Australian prosperity!

  • Australian Innovation Credentials (Highlights from Why Australia Benchmark Report 2019):
  • Australia ranks 1st in the World for “Technological Readiness”
  • Australia ranks 5th highest in the World for “Global Entrepreneurship”
  • Australia ranks 3rdhighest in the World for the Number of Universities in the World’s Top 100

Australian Freelancers “Highly Innovative” nature is partly due to a first-rate technology sector.  For example, Aussie Freelancers have established a Worldwide Leading Reputation in Block Chain and Quantum Computing.

Another reason Australian Freelancers are “Highly Innovative” is due to Australia’s diverse and highly educated workforce.  Today’s Aussie freelancers are qualified, multicultural and multilingual.

However, the real key to Aussie Freelancers innovation strength is the ability to translate high academic performance into valuable research and commercial innovation.

The Benchmark Report reveals that Australia invests approximately US$21 billion on research and development (R&D) each year, calculated on a purchasing power-parity basis. Australia’s R&D expenditure places it among the world’s leading innovators, including the USA, Japan, France, Germany and South Korea.

The Best News?

More innovative Australian workers are ditching their nine-to-five mundane jobs in favour of more flexibility, more variety and ultimately higher job satisfaction. Yes, more and more Innovative Australians and transitioning from workers to freelancers and joining the freelance revolution. All Great News for Your Business!

Next Up Let’s Talk Training: Because in General Aussie Freelancers require Less Training and this is Definitive Reason Number 4 as to Why Australian Freelancers are the Best and Why You Must Hire One Today!

4) Aussie Freelancers Require Less Training

australian freelancers require less training

We have already highlighted to you that Aussie Freelancers are Highly Skilled (Definitive Reason #2) and Naturally Innovative (Definitive Reason #3).  Were you listening?? We hope so!

We are not mathematicians but if you add highly skilled + highly innovative what do you get a:

Whole Less Hand Holding > Whole Less Babysitting > But Ultimately…

Seriously Less Training!

All Great news for your business!

Because we all know that all businesses suffer one common problem:

they are all time poor and have constant tight deadlines to meet. Australian freelancers are more likely (in most cases) to be better trained, better skilled and ultimately better qualified to execute and get results for your business.

Meaning Seriously Less Training!

Australia is not only a well-developed economy but a highly diverse economy.  This is due its highly diverse workers which are well qualified, multicultural and multilingual.

Meaning Seriously Less Training!

Australian freelancers’ breadth of language skills and cultural insights is what gives Australia a competitive edge in Global markets.

Your Business Should Pay Attention to This!

It should be noted that when you hire any Freelancer (from any part of the World) it cannot be expected (even with the top talent) that there will be zero training each time! All critical business tasks have “unique requirements” and therefore even the very best top-talent will require some sort of guidance (which is effectively “training”).

All We are Saying is This:

When you hire an Aussie Freelancer you are far more likely to be hiring a Freelancer that is Highly Skilled, Highly Trained and Highly Innovative…this is as opposed to other parts of the World!

In Plain English for Your Business: When You Hire an Aussie Freelancer, you Can Expect to Invest Less into Training Them!

Finally, Let’s Talk Passion! Aussie Freelancers being “More Passionate” is Definitive Reason Number 5 as to Why Australian Freelancers are the Best and Why You Must Hire One Today!

5) Aussie Freelancers are More Passionate!

australian freelancers are more passionate

Passion is Not a Number

Passion is Not $$$ Related

Passion is Not Skill Related

Passion is Engrained into Someone and a Value that Money Can’t Buy!

Australia often has a reputation as being a “Very Laid-Back” and “Relaxed” Country.While that may be true (in some cases) when it comes to work there is nothing laid-back in what the Australian workforce does!

Australian freelancers are therefore quickly able to flick their switch (to on) and are known Worldwide for their great work ethic and always giving each task 100%.

Not only do Aussie freelancers know how to give it their all and get the job done…they are far more likely they are passionate about the field they work in than other parts of the world who are just going through the motions!

Listen up and listen well:  Now we can’t say this for every single Aussie Freelancer.  Yes, we do have to generalise somewhat hear.  But for a mixture of cultural, ethics and skills reasons: 

Aussie Freelancers are extremely passionate about not only succeeding but helping your business succeed!

Passion again is a quality no amount of money in the world can buy!You want someone in your business that will constantly show up: day in and day out in order to get the job done and ultimately grow your business brand.

Finally, Remember:Australians Freelancers are truly Unique.

They are ultimately a proud, switched on and passionate bunch…so please don’t mistake their “laid back” nature for being “laid-back” in the work sense!

That Concludes our 5 Definitive Reasons as to Why Australian Freelancers are the Best and Why You Must Hire One Today! Now let’s wrap this up real quick!


"Trust an Aussie" to Get Your Job Done Right the First Time!

"Highly Skilled" Aussie Freelancers Get More Work Done Faster!

"Highly Innovative" Aussie Freelancers Add Serious Value!

"Less Training" for Aussie Freelancers Means Less Babysitting!

"More Passionate" Aussie Freelancers Want You to Succeed!

That Wraps Up our Post on Why Australian Freelancers are the Best and Truly Experts in their Field. We hope you got serious value out of this post and enjoyed it!


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