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About Us

Skill Post is a portal for the world to find and hire the best Aussie freelance professionals to get the task done right! It is a freelance service marketplace where individuals can easily buy and sell Aussie professional services. This platform facilitates by bringing the buyer and freelancer together at one place to connect and work together. It provides access to a highly skilled pool of Aussie freelancers and professionals who are available to offer their services to the customers.

The platform allows the customers to search, browse, and connect with quality local Australian freelancers that closely match their requirements. Customers can view their skill sets, profiles and service fees. There are levels that have benefits for both freelancers and the customers as they can buy services from a freelance professional at a specific level. Complete transparency and quality of service is maintained with freelancer reputation and customer satisfaction.

It is very simple to register on Skill Post as a freelancer. Register on the website, and apply to be a seller. You will require a current CV or active LinkedIn profile for review. Once reviewed and approved by Skill Post, continue on to complete profile with the service skill set, post the service and work samples for work quality. Customers, on the other hand, can simply browse through the categories and find the best Aussie freelancer that meets their requirement.

Why Use Skill Post?

As Skill Post is a marketplace for buying and selling Australian freelance professional services, it helps customers in finding the best talent for the task. Aussies are known for their excellent quality and reliable work. You get what you pay for. You can trust Aussie freelancers to get your task done right! Hassle free!

Skill Post also offers great benefits for both freelancers and buyers:

Vetted Aussie Freelance Professionals

It is a unique online platform bringing together Australian service sellers and buyers around the world. Customers can conveniently hire the best Australian freelance professionals for the task, and Aussie freelancers can sell their skills online. Freelancers are vetted for quality and professionalism.

#1 Spot On Google Search

You’ll likely find Skill Post topping (#1) the organic results if you Google search “Aussie freelancers” and “Aussie professionals“. This puts Skill Post in a very good position as the market leader for promoting and finding quality Aussie freelancers and professionals.

Service Categories

Service offered on the platform are categorised into 9 broad categories – Graphics & design, IT & Programming, Business, Marketing, writing & translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, and Lifestyle. Each category is further divided into sub-categories making it easier for the freelancer to post under professional skills and for the customers to find the freelancer in their required category.

Filtered Service Search

Customers can use advanced filters to search for services. As freelancers have different levels based on their ratings and service completion statuses, their service fee rates also vary based on the skill level. With filtered search customers can find the freelancer that fits their budget and requirements.

Free Registration

It is completely free to register on the platform as a freelancer or a customer. It is also free to review content on the platform and no fee on sending private messages by customers to freelancers. Customers can also browse on the platform without an account.

Post Services and Tasks

Post a Service – Freelancers can create posts to sell their services on the platform. They can show their creativity and skills through these posts to stand out from the competition. The platform offers different packages for freelancers to create posts.

Post a Task – Similarly, it provides customers the ability post any online/digital tasks they need help with, so that freelancers can bid on and complete.

Browse/Buy a Service Directly

Customers can also shop by browsing through the catalogue of Australian services, selecting the one they want, customising their package, and buying it! Payment is only released when they’re happy with the job!

Request Custom Quotes

If the freelance services don’t exactly match the Customer’s needs, they also have the option of requesting custom quotes from their preferred freelancer. This will ensure all needs are met to a customised level.

Private Communications

The platform provides a safe and private channel for the freelancers and customers to communicate and discuss details privately. Both the freelancer and customers can chat on the platform completely privately.

Final Word

Overall, Skill Post is a very valuable Australian skilled freelance marketplace connected to global customers. It is an online platform that is providing opportunities to Aussie freelance professionals to sell their services globally doing what they love. Customers around the world can also find the best Aussie freelancers in one place. Aussie freelancers are known for quality and reliable work, so you can rest assure your task will be done right! Hassle free!


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