Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answers, please contact us.


+ Any fees charged to the buyer?

NO fees are charged to the buyer, whether you are buying a service, or posting a task.

+ Payment methods for buying a service?

Payments are securely processed through PayPal. So any methods accepted by PayPal are acceptable here. i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal account.

+ How can I be sure i’m happy with the job?

Once the freelancer completes the job, you will be notified to review it and can request any modifications if required. Once you are happy with the result, mark the job as complete, and it is only then that the payment is released to the freelancer.

+ What if the job is not done?

If the job is not done, you can request a mutual cancellation. If there is no response from the freelancer, please contact us and we’ll cancel the job. The funds will be refunded into your Skill Post balance, where you’ll have the option of withdrawing it to your nominated PayPal or bank account, or use it to buy other services.


+ What are the fees to the freelancer?

Its FREE to list your service. We only charge commission (%) when a service is sold which is dependant on the sold price and your level. For more information on the rates for each level, please refer to the Levels page. Commission earnt by Skill Post will be invested back into the platform to keep it running, and used for maintenance and improvements.

+ How do I get paid?

Once you mark the job as delivered, and the buyer is happy & marks it as complete, payment will be released and added to your Skill Post balance. You may withdraw the balance to your nominated PayPal or bank account any time. Processing times will take 1-2 for the Paypal option, or 3-5 days for the bank account option. Alternatively, you can use the balance to buy other services.

+ What if the buyer doesn’t mark the job complete?

If the buyer doesn’t mark the job complete nor request any modifications after you’ve delivered the job, it will be automatically marked complete in 72 hours and payment will be released to you.

+ Can I also be a buyer?

Yes, freelancers are also eligible to be a buyer. You can post tasks, buy services, and request custom quotes from other Aussie freelance professionals.